Dining Spaces

Indoors or out, the Beckman Center offers a variety of lovely settings for breakfast, lunch, receptions, or dinner.  Irvine has pleasant daytime temperatures year round, and our outdoor spaces include heaters for cool evenings. Cocktails, hors d'oeuvres, and meals can be presented buffet style, at stations, or served in these locations.


Dining Terrace – the perfect setting for a relaxing meal in a tranquil setting. The Dining Terrace can accommodate buffet meals and receptions, and is adjacent to the scenic Arcade and lawn area.

Arcade – a long, multipurpose outdoor patio, next to the lawn and the Dining Terrace. The Arcade is a lovely setting for an outdoor buffet, morning or afternoon break, or a bar. The Arcade can accommodate dining tables and be combined with the lawn area for larger events - with or without a tent. A great place for a BBQ!

Dining Room – a flexible indoor space offering many seating choices. Large rectangular or round tables suit many groups, while smaller tables for two or four guests facilitate more private conversations. The Dining Room can be set up a variety of ways, and used with the Dining Terrace and/or Arcade to extend capacity.

Executive Dining Room – a separate indoor dining room, with a foyer for a private buffet or bar. "The EDR" is suitable for medium-sized groups, receptions, and private meals, and includes meeting room A/V and teleconferencing capabilities. Just right for a working breakfast or lunch, or a dinner meeting.

Board Room – a quiet, elegant, and very private setting complete with an enclosed patio. The spacious foyer of the Boardroom is the perfect place to set up a lunch buffet or break service. Leather executive chairs, dedicated A/V booth, and complete teleconferencing setup makes it ideal for VIP working meetings.

Atrium – an open, indoor, multipurpose space, suitable for meals that include speakers or panel discussions. The Atrium is also suitable for receptions and breaks, or displays and poster sessions. Full A/V capabilities and podium or portable risers are available. Adding floral arrangements and candles on the tables will create a beautiful, festive ambiance. The Atrium is just right for your special banquet.

Huntington Room – a private and spacious indoor setting, perfect for larger groups that need to continue presentations during working meals. Portable staging and full A/V capabilities are available. Adjacent to the Atrium, the two spaces can be used together - a reception in one room, followed by dinner in the other.

Fountain Courtyard – an enclosed, outdoor courtyard, with trees, heaters, and seating. The Fountain Courtyard is ideal for outdoor receptions after a long day of productive meetings.